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Dog Breeds for Young Families

1 December 2020

The Best Dog Breeds for Young Families Adding a new canine friend to your young family is super exciting,...

What to Consider Before Getting a New Puppy or Dog

8 August 2020

Are you ready for a new dog or puppy in your family? Owning a dog can be a wonderful...

Puppy play time

Dr Katrina talks training tips: Puppy playtime

3 August 2020

Dr Katrina shares her tips for puppy playtime Puppy play sessions are a fun way for you to bond...

Tips for grooming at home

8 July 2020

Our tips for grooming your dog at home Regular grooming is vital for dogs of all breeds. It helps...

What to do with your dog in quarantine

19 March 2020

As we do our best to socially distance ourselves to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we find ourselves...

10 Commands to Teach Your Dog

18 June 2019

According to the latest statistics from the RSPCA – 38% of households in Australia own a dog. In total,...