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Understanding Coat Types

5 August 2020

Understand your dogs coat and the best brush to use. Hairless Hairless does not mean void of fur. These...

Tips for grooming at home

8 July 2020

Our tips for grooming your dog at home Regular grooming is vital for dogs of all breeds. It helps...

Tools for home grooming

8 July 2020

Our top grooming tools for home care KONG ZoomGroom – suitable for short-haired breeds The KONG ZoomGroom is the...

Behind the brand: HempPet

23 June 2020

Created by Pet Lovers. Recommended by Vets. Enjoyed by Pets. Hemp Pet was originally created to help a much-loved...

Grooming Matters | Dr Alex Hynes

26 November 2018

Unexpected Health Benefits of Grooming There is more to grooming than just having your pooch looking and smelling great!...

Behind the brand: Bell and Bone

6 September 2018

When it comes to our dogs health and happiness go paw in paw For years we have fed our...