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Behind the brand: Fit’n’Flash Dog Treats

8 August 2016

Fit’n’Flash explains their food philosophy! Fit’n’Flash wants to keep it’s dog food as natural as possible so there is no...


Behind the brand: SavourLife

7 August 2016

Buy treats your dog will love –  and help dogs in need Protein packed Omega 3 & 6 for...

how to keep your dog warm in winter | Dog blog - DOGUE

The Dog Days of Winter – How to keep your furry friend warm

3 May 2016

Winter will be barking at the door any day!  Check out our five top tips to ensure a snuggly...

Boredom Buster Tips From our Experts!

13 March 2016

Did you know that boredom and excess energy are the most common reasons for dog behaviour problems? Help combat...

dog chewing

Dr Katrina talks training tips: managing chewing behaviour

3 February 2016

Dr Katrina Warren shares her tips for managing chewing behaviour. Chewing behaviour in dogs can be a very frustrating and...

Giving the Pawfect Bath

27 August 2015

Most pups would prefer to miss bath time and play outside instead BUT… Regular baths play an important role...