Dog Food Recipes


Dog Food Recipes

Every canine loves a little extra-special dog food and Club DOGUE has you covered with the latest in drool worthy recipes for dog treats, snacks and meals.

Frozen Dog Treats

27 July 2016

Keep your canine cool this summer with these delicious and easy to make frozen dog treats thanks to The...

Dangerous Foods for dogs

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

4 September 2015

Dangerous Foods for Dogs Woof friends, We all know the struggle! The dog-licious foods and smells that fill our...

Easy to make homemade pupsicles

27 April 2015

Help Fido cool down with these homemade tasty pup-sicles! Frozen dog treats are great for keeping pups occupied and cool...

Dog Friendly ANZAC Biscuits | Recipe

27 April 2015

Try these drool-worthy dog friendly ANZAC Biscuits your pooch will love! Ingredients: ⅔ tsp bicarbonate of soda 1 Tbsp...