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“The design inspiration comes from our desire to provide our customer with efficient, stylish and functional accessories”

  • Style
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DOGUE went behind the brand with Mog & Bone founder Adele Sinclair to find out more about how they began and what’s next! Be sure to check out the Interview below:

DOGUE: How did Mog & Bone begin?

Mog & Bone Dog Collars and Dog Leads

Mog & Bone Rope and Leather Collection

Adele: My family has had businesses in the fashion industry for many years, and we have always loved decorating our homes to reflect the latest trends in interior design and home-wares. And of course, I have a huge amount of love for our family pets (Tiger, Loki, Romeo and Charlie) – they play such a significant role in all of our lives and manage to inhabit virtually every corner of our homes.

Noticing that our pets’ accessories would often take pride of place in our homes, I often found it difficult to buy stylish, modern & well executed pet accessories that would integrate into our homes and complement modern trends in interior design and home-wares. Ultimately…..this is what inspired us to take advantage of our background in fashion and manufacturing in creating Mog & Bone – what could be better than combining two of my greatest loves, fashion & pets!?

DOGUE: What’s your favourite Mog & Bone piece and why?

mog and bone grey stripe reversible dog bed

Mog & Bone Reversible Bed in Grey Stripe

Adele: I think I would choose the 4 Seasons Reversible Bed. Simply because it is style, function and comfort combined in one piece. It is my dog Tiger’s favourite bed – he has one at the office and one at home, and he absolutely loves to curl up and snuggle into the bed and use the sides as a pillow for his head.

DOGUE: Where does the design inspiration for the whole range come from?

Adele: The design inspiration comes from our desire to provide our customer with efficient, stylish and functional accessories and bedding, as well as a product that dogs will love and enjoy using. Our ongoing objective is to keep our four legged friends comfortable and stylish at the same time!

Mog & Bone heart Dog toy

Mog & Bone Plush Toys

Our prints and colour palettes are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and home-wares, so that our designs will integrate into a contemporary home environment and work to complement the interior design of the home.

DOGUE: What’s next for Mog & Bone?

Adele: We are currently looking at expanding our product range to include gifts for pet lovers…..think coffee mugs, designer throw cushions and tea towels. We are also further developing our offering for cats, and our wearable dog accessories range.

And of course, we will continue to evolve with the latest trends in interior design and home-wares so that our prints and colour palettes are on trend every season!

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