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Let’s get snuggly! Check out our social fans and followers

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Winter is all about getting snuggly and comfy with your best friend! So we asked our social followers to send in photos of their pup getting comfy and here are our 7 lucky winners! Share your photos too, get in on the fun and join DOGUE’s Cuddle Club through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @clubdogue.

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  • Ella and Aurora | sent in by Bella Doll. Her daughter and new rescue pup having a snooze
  • DJ, Django and Blu | sent in by Sarah Allingham. The entire crew having a nap! You can follow these snuggle pups on Instagram @bjdjangoblu12
  • Amelia & Diesel | sent in by Amelia Perry. A cuddle fixes everything!
  • Sylvester | sent in by Huldrun Keller. There’s nothing like a peaceful nap to start the day!
  • Okie & Ruger | sent in by Jazz Gardener. Bed sharing to the max!
  • Ruby | sent in by Christy Parker. Ruby the beaglier will find any excuse for a nap!

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