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On your marks, get set – MAKE!

Every canine loves a little dog DIY with their human and Club DOGUE has you covered with the latest in drool worthy dog treats, boredom busters, handmade dog toys and pawfect crafts.
dog chewing

Dr Katrina talks training tips: managing chewing behaviour

3 February 2016

Dr Katrina Warren shares her tips for managing chewing behaviour. Chewing behaviour in dogs can be a very frustrating and...

dog photography tips

Tips for taking the paw-fect photo of your dog

18 May 2015

We’re bringing you the top tips for taking high-quality dog pictures without the need to know about shutter speed,...

Training Tips to Master the Doggy Door

28 April 2015

Here are some training tips I’ve pawed up to help your canine get through the flap. Remove the door!...

What to Consider Before Getting a New Puppy or Dog

28 April 2015

Are you ready for a new dog or puppy in your family? Owning a dog can be a wonderful...

Dog Dental Care

28 April 2015

Keep those dogteeth clean and healthy! A dog with a healthy mouth will lead a healthier and happier life....

Teach your dog to take a selfie

27 April 2015

We all know that dogs take the BEST selfies, so don’t let them miss out on the selfie phenomenon....