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COVID-19 Update

A message to our valued customers

DOGUE is a community of dog lovers who aspire to enrich the lives of our canine friends. During these challenging times, our absolute priority is to provide necessary care and essential supplies to our four-legged customers.

In line with the guidelines issued by the Australian Government, our stores are taking additional measures to ensure they adhere to strict hygiene practices and social distancing measures.

Some of our stores are also offering additional assistance to customers such as pick-up / drop-off services and home delivery for customers that live within a 5 km radius of the each store.

Store Cleanliness

DOGUE stores are implementing stringent cleaning procedures, including:

  1. Customers can sanitise their hands when they visit any of our stores
  2. Using only hospital-grade disinfectant for daily cleaning
  3. Staff members have been re-trained on our increased hygiene standards
  4. The health of our customers and staff is paramount to us. We have requested that if any team member feels unwell, that they remain at home and we ask our customers to do the same.

New Grooming Drop-off Process

As we continue to provide our grooming services, we have implemented a new process for grooming drop-offs and collections to help minimise the spread of germs, including:

  1. When you arrive in-store, your dog’s lead and/or collar will be removed
  2. We kindly ask that you take your dog’s lead and/or collar home
  3. A staff member will notify you by phone when your dog is ready to go home
  4. Don’t forget to bring your dog’s lead and/or collar on pick-up!
  5. Payment to be taken via phone. Payment by cash is discouraged

Social Distancing Instore

All staff and customers MUST adhere to the strict social distancing measures when instore. This includes:

  1. Customers must abide the ‘traffic light’ system (i.e. only two customers instore at a time)
  2. Avoid all physical greetings such as handshaking, hugs and kisses
  3. Keep 1.5-meter social distance between each other always
  4. Use hand sanitiser before and after serving a customer

COVID-19 and Dogs

There is currently no strong evidence to believe that pets in Australia can spread COVID-19. To date, the Australian Veterinary Association has not received any reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19. We always recommend following everyday preventive hygiene actions to help prevent the spread of illness.

Store Information

For the latest updates regarding our stores, please follow your local DOGUE Facebook Page (listed below)


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If you have any feedback or questions regarding this message or DOGUE operations during this period, please email us at or call (02) 969 3132