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Daily Routine


A Day In The Life.

At DOGUE Country Retreat, the emphasis is on tailoring the holiday experience for every individual guest, but we also understand that the importance of simple routines to help guests to settle in and to develop good habits

Our days at the Retreat go something like this:

DOGUE Retreat
7.00 am – Rise and Shine
7.05 am – Morning Constitutional (newspapers available)
7.15 am – Race around the garden area
7.30 am – Breakfast
8.00 am 9.30 am – Morning Walks

Guests are walked with other guests of similar fitness.
All morning walks are a minimum of 40 minutes unless on a special program.

10.00 am 12.00pm – Activity time (see below)
12.00 pm – 2.00 pm – Free Reading and Relaxation time (watch a rerun of Lassie or read the latest Vogue)
DOGUE DAILY ROUTINE THUMB 22.00 pm – 5.00 pm – Afternoon exercise – this will vary according to each guest’s needs, but most guests will enjoy a walk around the extended 5 acres. Younger and more energetic guests will go out into the Vineyard for another long walk.
5.00 pm – 5.30 pm – Supper time (yum yum)
5.30 pm – 6.00 pm – Bedtime stories, cuddles, relaxation massages and aromatherapy treatments to calm anxious guests
6.00 pm – Lights out!

Overnight there are always staff on the premises.

Activities available include:

  • play time – choose your toy or preferred companion
  • boot camp – for the very active
  • day spa and pampering treatments including daily maintenance grooming
  • remedial massage therapy
  • hanging around the feet of the staff
  • morning day trip
  • intense cuddles and one on one time
  • daily health checks