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Guest Facilities


Your Home Away From Home.

DOGUE Country Retreat was designed with our four legged guests top of mind, but we have also been intent on keeping within the native environment and on making it very pleasing to experience from a human perspective.

Key features of the Retreat’s luxury dog boarding & spa facilities:

DOGUE Retreat
The Outside

Securely fenced large garden area immediately outside the Retreat where guests can play and explore all day. In the summer months, we set up an above ground pool for any water-babies or guests just looking to cool down.

Another layer of fencing beyond this main garden area, surrounding an additional five acres of trees and native terrain and separating our guests from the vineyard and grazing cattle.

Supervision required but great for advanced off-leaders with keen smelling instincts.

The vineyard which is around 50 acres includes the dam and lots of great areas to explore. This is not fenced for dogs but guests taken into this area are kept on lead unless they have demonstrated significant self control (when faced with a rabbit) and excellent off lead behaviour.

DOGUE Retreat
The Inside
As you walk into the Retreat, the first thing you will notice is how open it is, this is the “Lounge Room” and how much it feels like home. There are couches, tv and stereo, and various beds, chairs and toy boxes everywhere for guests to enjoy at their leisure. The guests and the human carers interact very freely and move through the inside and outside of the Retreat throughout the day.

The reception area is alongside the Lounge Room and adjacent to the reception is the meditation, massage and quiet room – perfect for new guests needing reassurance, or older guests wanting peace and quiet.

Through the doors, and you step into the Sleeping Suites – 14 suites of different interiors and size are here, all individually designed with gorgeous beds.
Day Spa and Grooming activities take place in the calm day time atmosphere of the Retreat for maximum relaxation.