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Guest Services


5 Star Service

At DOGUE Country Retreat, we offer a divine range of services to cater for all the different aspects of being a happy and healthy canine in a luxury dog boarding setting.

During your stay at the Retreat, you will have access to the following services which are all inclusive in your daily rate:

  • Full day care facilities including 1 to 2 walks a day (unless specified) around the property and organised play activities
  • Daily maintenance grooming
  • Daily health checks from head to toe
  • Regular one on one time with most affectionate of human carers
  • Yoga and meditation
  • “Me time” or “Free time” where you can just be you

We also offer additional services through our Day Care, Day Spa and Dog Grooming facilities which include:

  • Full wash and clip by our professionally trained groomer – all style of clips are available
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Tailored weight loss programs and boot camp for the energetic
  • Nutritional and wellness consultations
  • Naturopathy Remedies.

Contact our relations manager, to discuss any of these services or additional services or pampering you might be interested in at

Dining at the Retreat:

DOGUE GUEST SERVICES THUMBOur resident chef, is very happy to prepare an array of fine dining for our guests.

At the Retreat, we are delighted to offer Man’s Best. All meals are served with our homemade broth (slow cooked for min 24hrs, ingredients include chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato.)

Our menu also offers finer dining and raw selections options at an additional cost including own food and Ziwi Peak. 

We also understand that some guests may already be on their own diet plan and we are happy for guests to bring in their own meals, just please make sure they are suitably labelled.

For guests interested in understanding options for improving their diet or helping managing possible allergies, or weight, we have a fully trained nutritionist available for over the phone consultations prior to coming to the Retreat.