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Terms & Conditions

Check-in: 9:00am – 11:00am and Check-out: 2.00pm – 5:00pm 6 days a week except Sundays and Public Holidays.

Please note: the term “carer” refers to the person responsible for making decisions and making all payments for the duration of the guests stay. The term “guest” refers to all of the carer’s dog(s) staying at the DOGUE Country Retreat.

GENERAL TERMS: DOGUE Country Retreat will exercise reasonable care for the safety of your dog(s) and to keep the boarding premises safe and secure. Carer is solely responsible for any property damage or bodily injury inflicted by your dog(s). DOGUE Country Retreat cannot guarantee against accidents. We will not be liable for loss or damages to dog(s) belongings.

TRANSPORT AND OTHER ACTIVITIES AWAY FROM RETREAT: DOGUE Country Retreat will exercise reasonable care for the transport of all guests when to and from the Retreat, using safety seat belts and/or crates for safe transportation. DOGUE Country Retreat cannot guarantee against accidents or injury during transportation or any other activities away from the Retreat.    

VACCINATIONS/HEALTH: All guest(s) must be current on C5 vaccination including kennel cough or have certification on their immunity levels from their vet such as a titer test. The carer must provide to DOGUE Country Retreat the veterinarian records on paper for these vaccines at least 48 hours prior to check-in. All guests accepted for accommodation must be of free of fleas and ticks and up to date on their flea and tick treatments

BOARDING REQUIREMENTS: Guest(s) are to check in with a standard collar including ID tag in addition to harnesses or other walking gear. Carers are to provide usual food and treats unless selecting from DOGUE Country Retreat menu. Dry food is best in large, labelled zip-lock bags. If dog(s) are trained to use training pads, these are to be provided by carer. Carers may also bring treats, toys and bedding. Label all items brought in the dog’s name. PLEASE do not bring any guest(s) feeding dishes.

MEDICATION & TREATMENT AUTHORISATION AND VETERINARY CARE: Prescription medications must be provided in the original container with the veterinarian’s Instructions, it will be administered as prescribed by our trained staff. Over-the-counter medications, such as worming or flea/tick treatments, may be given if necessary. DOGUE Country Retreat is authorised by the owner to seek veterinary advice and care, including but not limited to emergency care, at their discretion and at the carer’s sole expense. DOGUE Country Retreat will attempt to contact the carer before obtaining this care if possible, but this document serves as full authorisation to obtain veterinary care for the pet at the carer’s expense, whether or not carer has been contacted.

WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM: Carer understands special-needs guests, young puppies, and senior guests naturally have a higher risk of injury, stress-related illnesses, weakened immune system, or exacerbation of any pre-existing condition. As such, by using our facility for daycare or boarding the Carer is waiving any claim for injury or illness experienced by guest while in our care.

ELDERLY DOGS: Carers of elderly guests (approaching the end of life) need to know if in the event Carer’s guest passes on while in our care, our policy is to transport Carer’s guest to Carer’s vet  where he/she will be held until Carer can be reached by the Vet for further instructions. If Carer’s vet is closed or outside of our transport distance, then we will transport to nearest 24-hour facility. Trip charge will apply based on time/distance.

FLEA OR PARASITE TREATMENT: All guests accepted for accommodation must be of free of fleas and ticks and up to date on their flea and tick treatments If fleas, worms or other parasites are found on a guest, DOGUE Country Retreat is authorised to apply the appropriate treatment for that dog(s) and charge me as the carer accordingly, and I agree that such charge will be payable on the dog’s departure from DOGUE Country Retreat.

ILLNESS OR INJURY: DOGUE Country Retreat shall not be held responsible for Canine Influenza, Paralysis Tick or any injury that may occur to a guest during their stay at DOGUE Country Retreat. Carer’s need to be aware that the Retreat is on a rural property and while the utmost care is taken by all staff and daily health checks are carried out, there is an increased possibility of snake bites, spider bites, other insect bites and grass seed infections than experienced in urban areas.

FIRE AND OTHER NATURAL EVENTS: DOGUE Country Retreat is located in a rural setting and while is not considered a high-risk fire area, during times of severe heat, wind, thunderstorms and/or drought, the fire risk is greatly increased. DOGUE Country Retreat has a thorough fire and evacuation plan in place, and has installed firefighting equipment at the Retreat. All staff are trained in responding to fire situations and evacuating guests. DOGUE Country Retreat cannot be responsible for injury to a guest or loss of life due to fire or other natural events.

ABANDONED GUESTS: DOGUE Country Retreat will go to great lengths to reunite and avoid having guests left behind after their stay. If such circumstances arise, DOGUE is authorised to rehouse or make whatever other arrangements that are considered appropriate for a canine guest if it has not been collected within 14 days of the date on which it was due to depart and despite our best efforts, there has been no contact made by the carer or carer’s family. This will be solely in DOGUE Country Retreat’s discretion.

PAYMENT TERMS: Carer agrees to pay quoted deposit in advance to secure their reservation and full accommodation price prior to check-in or at check-in. No cash or credit card refunds will be issued for any reason; boarding credit (valid for 6 month from issue) will be issued for cancellations with 14 days notice only. with the exception of holidays and peak season . Early departures will not be refunded.

DEPOSITS: 10% non-refundable deposit is required for all off peak bookings. 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all peak bookings which include public holidays and school holidays. Guests are fully registered once deposit is received.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Public holidays attract an additional surcharge of $20 per guest per day. Canine guests shall not leave DOGUE Country Retreat until all fees owing to DOGUE Country Retreat have been paid in full.


Australia Day Public Holiday January 27
Term 1 School Holidays
April 10 to April 27
Queen’s birthday
June 8
Term 2 School Holidays
July 4 to July 20
Term 3 School Holidays
September 26 to October 11
Labour Day
October 5
December 1 to January 31, 2021
All other public holidays fall within school holidays and peak times.

All other public holidays fall within school holidays and peak times.

Payment can be made via cheque, cash, credit card, eftpos or direct transfer to:

Account Name: DOGUE Retail
BSB: 082 140
Account Number: 58 375 8701

Please put ‘guest name’ in payment details and send a payment confirmation through to