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LickiMat | Splash Wall & Floor Suction Slow Feeder

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The Lickimat Splash suctions on to any smooth surface to keep your dog distracted, relieve your dog’s stress, and slow down rapid eating.

Licking can be very therapeutic for dogs. The sensation of repetitive licking releases endorphins which help your dog relax. I don’t know about yours but my dog is very enthusiastic about this form of therapy… whether licking my hand, the kitchen counter, a small visiting child, a mysteriously attractive spot on the floor…

With dogs liking to lick so much the designers of this product decided to harness lick power for positive means. If licking relaxes dogs why not provide something positive for dogs to lick which will reduce their anxiety (such as fear of being left alone or going to the vet or being bathed) and act as a boredom buster to distract them from getting into some sort of canine mischief.


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Product Description

Pop a loaded Lickimat Splash onto the wall and watch your dog’s anxiety disappear

Just spread some of your dog’s favourite foods (wet + dry) into the grooved texture of the suction bowl and stick it in place. It will stick to any smooth surface and is great to use in the tub or on tile walls or smooth floors. Right. You’re done. Just let the licking begin. If you need to leave the house, pop out knowing your mate is happily occupied. Stick it in the bath for dogs who fear grooming – or take it to your groomers. Use it at your vet visits or anywhere your dog experiences stress.

Declious treat licking can help change your dog’s perception of anxiety provoking experiences. The delight of licking can positively reinforce the experience so your dog’s anticipation of these situations improves.

Slow down your voracious chomper at meal time

If your mate gulps down food like nobody’s business Lickimat Splash can help. Frantic eating is linked to poor digestion and even choking. Use the Lickimat Splash as a feeding surface to slow your dog’s chomping to a more reasonable speed. The repetitive licking stimulates saliva production which helps digestion and gut health.

Need to keep your rascal occupied for a few minutes?

Slow down your dog’s eating to prevent your dog from stealing your other pets’ food. Want a relaxing meal without a cold nose probing your lap? Use a Lickimat while you and your family are eating dinner to buy yourself some time. Pop the Lickimat loaded into another room when receiving guests into your home. There are so many ways to use this type of declious distraction.

Want an even slower treat & food delivery?  Put the Lickimat Splash in your freezer!

When the Lickimat is loaded and then frozen it will keep your dog stimulated and entertained for even longer. Very nice treat on a hot day as well!


What to put on your Lickimat? Here are some ideas. Feel free to explore any options your dog enjoys.

  • Natural yoghurt
  • Peanut butter (xylitol free only)
  • Cheese spread
  • Canned sardines in spring water
  • Crushed pet food, softened with water
  • Wet pet food


Lickimat Splash Key features

  • Textured treat mat / bowl reduces boredom and calm’s your dog down to improve behaviour
  • Suction-cup base sticks to flat, smooth surfaces (side of the tub, on the side of windows, etc)
  • Use as a slow-feeding treat/food mat to lengthen meal/treat times
  • Prevents indigestion and choking
  • Natural way to calm your dog’s anxiety when they’re bored or home by themselves
  • Stimulates saliva production for improved digestion/gut health
  • Helps clean the tongue to improve dental and oral health
  • Made from non-toxic and food-grade TPR and PET materials
  • Safe for dishwasher use and can be placed in freezer for frozen treats

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