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PAW | SPIN Interactive Adjustable Slow Feeder | Cups

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This slow-feeding dog food bowl features a palette-shaped spinner with small cups that can hold a small portion of kibble or treats to spread out your pet’s food intake for each meal, forcing your dog to take their time eating to help prevent bad digestion. For more interactive play, you can remove the spinner and flip it upside down to hide the kibble/treats in the bowl for your dog to find.

If your dog tends to “woof” down their food or having bad eating habits that can lead to bloating, bad digestion or vomiting, we encourage you to try out the SPIN Palette Feeder to help pace your pet’s eating.


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Product Description


  • Unique award-winning slow feeder food bowl for dogs with a spinner shaped like a painter’s palette
  • Palette spinner features small cups to store dog food and treats – great for portioning to help control your dog’s intake
  • Spinner can be removed and turned upside down to hide treats and food in the bowl for your dog to discover – an interactive way to eat and entertain!
  • Helps your pet eat at a healthy, slower pace to prevent choking, bloating, regurgitating, etc., and improve overall digestion and eating habits
  • Interchangeable spinner for endless possibilities to continue keeping your dog happy and healthy
  • Food-grade ABS plastic material free of PVC and BPAs and is recyclable for eco-friendly use
  • Intermediate-level slow-feeding puzzle game for all dogs

Colour: Blue/White

Dimensions: Approx. 25cm x 9.2cm


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