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Laila & Me | Powder Meal Enhancer | Beef Tripe

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  • Digestive aid supplement powder for dogs made with 100% Australian beef green tripe
  • A natural source of digestive enzymes to promote healthy gut bacteria growth and smoother digestion
  • Helps break down food for easier and efficient nutrient absorption
  • Biologically appropriate pet food that your pet will love! Great for fussy eaters
  • Easy-to-sprinkle powder form that can be mixed in with dog food daily
  • No nasties like GMOs, chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavours/colours
  • Zero added sugar or grains – a completely natural product for your pet
  • Approved by pet nutritionist Clare Kearney
  • Made in Australia in small batches for freshness


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Product Description

It may sound gross, but this highly nutritious food, contains plenty of enzymes, good gut bacteria, and nutrients that are amazing for your pet’s health.

It’s also a very natural part of both dogs and cats’ ancestral diets. Since both dogs and cats were hunters before being domesticated, they would often consume their prey’s stomach.

Can you get better than this superfood for your pet?

You wont find any more Natural enzymes that are found in raw green tripe, than any other treat for your pet. Natural enzymes found in food are so important for the digestive process by breaking down the dogs food into nutrients.  The more natural enzymes available, the more vitamins and minerals are made available for your dog where they can convert it into usable energy your pet will be able to receive from food.


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