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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capital investment required?

There is an initial franchise fee of $50,000 plus GST for the opening of your DOGUE Boutique & Spa. The initial set up costs will vary depending on the size and location of the site. The average set-up cost is approximately $160,000 plus GST, which includes the initial franchise fees, training, stock, lease deposit, launch, fit-out, and everything else required for a DOGUE Boutique.

What turnover can I expect year one?

Stores in their first year of business have turned over between $210k and $510k – which is a big range! We generally expect that a franchise in its first year or start up phase is capable of generating $320-350k in revenue. We do expect new franchisees to run at a small loss in their first year, however typically a positive return to the franchisee after owner’s wages are taken into consideration.

It is important to remember this is just a guide and it is not possible for DOGUE to guarantee what turnover, profit or loss a franchisee will generate. The most important driver of success is You – the Franchisee. We do provide financial documentation and case studies for you to make an informed decision after signing a Confidentiality Agreement.

To receive a brief financial overview document please submit an Expression Of Interest. 

What franchise support will I receive?

DOGUE Franchisees receive on-going training and operations support in all areas of their business, from local area marketing, business management, product procurement, stock control, human resources, strategy development, and mentoring. Each franchisee will also have a very exciting and exclusive local marketing launch event managed by DOGUE HQ team. Our support criteria is in place to ensure that our franchisees can focus on the most important metric of the DOGUE business: to deliver a superior and definitively DOGUE customer experience.

Who Is An Ideal DOGUE Franchisee? Can I run my Boutique & Spa without grooming experience?

We will train you in all you need to know about grooming before you open! Some franchisees choose to train and become qualified groomers should they have a desire to work in this area of the business, however, it is not mandatory.

DOGUE is seeking passionate and entrepreneurial individuals that have a proven track record in managing and driving a productive retail and/or service business; or those that possess an innate passion, strong work ethic and powerful drive to successfully launch into the pet industry.

A successful DOGUE Franchisee is a passionate dog lover who is motivated by our brand and is committed to our quality assurance standards. Any experience in grooming is simply a bonus!

What do you think makes your top performing stores so successful?

There are a number of driving factors that make a DOGUE Boutique & Spa successful. These include:

The Right Area – opening your store in an area with the right demographic and disposable income, as well as high population density.

The Right Site – high street locations with high foot traffic and good parking are ideal. Easy access for customers and their dogs is crucial.

Community Engagement –  franchisees who become real ambassadors of DOGUE and become genuinely involved in the local community. This involves prioritising investing 1.5% in local area marketing to ensure community awareness, and looking for opportunities to contribute and give back to the community.

Overall, the far most important driver of success is You – how you operate your business, as well as connect and care for your customers, both two-legged and four.

How Long Does It Take Before My Franchise Is Up-And-Running?

While each franchisee can have unique requirements—often driven by site demands — generally the complete set-up phase takes 8 – 16 weeks. (from receipt of final approval through to Opening Day).

How do I find the right location and site for my DOGUE Boutique and Spa?

We are here to guide you through the process. After applying to own your own DOGUE, we get down to the nitty-gritty of determining your exclusive territory and marketing zone. In order to determine your territory, we will help you conduct due diligence on the area, researching the demographic and market within the proposed territory. The size of the territory is determined by the market’s potential and population density in the immediate and (sometimes) neighbouring areas.

Once your territory has been finalised, you will commence looking for your site! We will conduct a preliminary site search for you and send through our top recommendations. We also provide site selection checklists and suitability surveys, as the site where you open must meet the requirements for a successful DOGUE Boutique & Spa.

We discuss potential territories and the site selection process in the initial call, however, a good place to start is reviewing our current list of Preferred Locations.

What Is The Size Of My Territory?

Known as the franchisee’s Exclusive Marketing Zone, a DOGUE Franchise is defined by a territory that surrounds the site. The scale of the territory is determined by the market’s potential and population density in the immediate and (sometimes) neighbouring areas.

Can I buy products from other brands and sell them in my store?

DOGUE represents a best-of-breed collection of widely-loved canine and some feline products. We pride ourselves on our unique collection, and each franchisee works with our Preferred Suppliers. Our product selection is based upon a discerning criteria driven by innovation, quality, exclusivity, value, and social awareness, to promote a destination appeal for our retail boutique. Our supplier selection process and product procurement strategy emphasises good supplier relations, customer service, competitive RRP, and sound margins.

We always welcome new discoveries from our franchisees, and they are placed under strong consideration by our brand and procurement team during the review  process – all products carried at DOGUE Boutique & Spa must receive pre-approval.

I Am Interested And Want To Find Out More. What Are The Next Steps?

There are 11 paw-steps to Own Your Own DOGUE and we are with you every step of the way!

Pet franchise steps to own your own DOGUE

Simply complete the Expression of Interest Form. Upon receipt a member from our franchising team will contact you, and you will receive further helpful information about becoming a DOGUE Franchisee.

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