Dog Grooming Courses


Want to learn more about grooming and dog handling?

Join the skilled DOGUE team for one of our tailored dog grooming courses at DOGUE HQ.

At all of our DOGUE Boutiques, DOGUE offers very high quality grooming delivered by exceptionally trained and experienced groomers.

Grooming schoolDOGUE is delighted to offer a very special grooming school for students keen to learn all about dogs and grooming techniques. We are currently offering courses at the following facility:

  • DOGUE Country Retreat, 112 Compton Park Rd, Berrima NSW

Upon successful completion of DOGUE’s Grooming Course there are opportunities for students to commence an internship in one of DOGUE’s stores depending on the skill level they have achieved.

The course instructors are very experienced and skilled groomers all originally from Japan but who have lived in Australia for several years. They will share with the students their original training and fine grooming techniques learnt in Japan, and then how they have developed these techniques for the busy Australian market.

The grooming courses we offer vary from three days (introductory course) to two weeks and will instruct students in the following:

  • Basics of dog grooming: including equipment, bathing and drying process, nail clipping, clipping pads, scissoring, pre-clipping
  • Canine anatomy and terminology
  • Advanced grooming techniques:
    • Clipper and scissor techniques
    • Breakdown of trim styles
    • Salon trim styles
    • Breed trim styles
    • Learn to complete basic pet trims
    • De-matting
  • Breed specific clips: Breed standards, correctional clipping, balancing bodies and heads.

Grooming school


  • 3 day course: Introduction to Grooming / Groom your own dog. – This course is designed as an introductory course or for the person who wants to groom their own dog at home.
  • 2 week course : Assistant groomer and day care handler. – This course focuses on mastering basic grooming techniques that are critical to high quality grooming, including washing, brushing, drying, nail clipping and pre-clipping.


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