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Dog Grooming

A Pampering Escape in an Intimate Day Spa Environment

All DOGUE stores offer expert dog grooming services with our experienced dog stylists that use their calming magic to do exceptional makeovers.

Dogs are encouraged to wander around the spa and mingle with other clients who are also there for the experience, oh and for a haircut! Our DOGUE stylists will ensure that every dog is completely spoilt and leave us happy and relaxed.

DOGUE Day Spa is like no other featuring:

  • Personal attention – enjoy the dedicated attention of our trained stylists for every makeover.
  • Calm environment – we pamper our clients in shorter periods of time, keeping the environment stress free and quiet (well, relatively). For those who need to stay longer, we offer play time activities so they are not bored.
  • Gentle handling – our stylists are very well trained and gentle in their approach. Clients will respond positively to their confidence and manner.
  • Freedom to express – dogs are given space to roam and mingle with other customers or to relax in between the grooming steps.
  • Beautiful products – all natural, chemical free and pleasant on the nose – organic options available.

DOGUE Dog Grooming & Day Spa Services and Prices:

_MG_9394Our spas offer a full range of washing and clipping services including

  • Combing to remove dirt and knots, increases blood circulation
  • Warm hydro or hand bath using all natural, non-allergenic products
  • Breed specific clips as well as completely tailored clips
  • Coat thinning for shedding dogs
  • Hand drying for those who prefer a personal touch
  • Nail Clipping & paw tidy, and ear cleaning

All our dog grooming services includes: cleaning of ears, nail clip, paw tidy and sanitary area tidies, and of course a bandana or ribbons to suit your mood.  Consultation on skin and other health concerns, recommendations on appropriate pharmaceutical products – flea and other treatments.

Want to know more? You can download our Dog Grooming Services and Pricing Menu from our store pages.

Extra services

  • For the sensitive mutt: special shampoo; oatmeal or flea rinse
  • For the thick coated: deshedding
  • For the rough living: dematting

CZIMjzKVAAAYrNj.jpg largeBeauty Advice on Hair Maintenance

Letting dogs get really matted or knotted close to the skin can really limit the options when coming in for a clip at the DOGUE Day Spa and sometimes we will have to clip a client very short.  This really distresses our perfectionist stylists especially because they understand the discomfort the client must be experiencing when in such a state due to skin irritations, poor blood circulation and other complications.  Also removing matts can cause great pain, another reason we do not like to do it. It can also be dangerous especially on the legs and around the face. So please try to keep you dog gorgeous in between appointments with constant grooming.  We will happily discuss the best regime and best length for their unique style.

DOGUE Day Spa offers deluxe gift vouchers at your nearest DOGUE Store, the perfect gift if you know a fash-hound needing a make over.

DOGUE Grooming Transformations

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