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Welcoming a new puppy into your life is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things you will ever do!

At DOGUE, we understand how vital it is to give your puppy the right start in life and help them grow into a happy and healthy dog.

Each DOGUE Boutique & Spa can guide new puppy owners on everything ‘PUPPY’ from diet to grooming to training.

Check out our full puppy checklist here to make sure you have all the essentials.

To let your fur-baby experience the DOGUE Difference, we are offering new puppy owners a Complimentary Puppy Wash with every retail purchase over $100. Conditions apply*

Our Puppy Wash service is conducted by our highly qualified groomers, which helps your puppy with crucial socialising and give them a positive association with grooming and our gentle handling techniques.

Visit your local DOGUE to find out more. If you are considering adding a new member to your family – read our ‘what to consider when getting a new puppy’ blog post.

*Puppy Wash Offer Conditions

  1. Offer only available to first time customers of DOGUE.
  2. This is a one-time use offer per customer.
  3. Offer only available to fully vaccinated puppies, aged up to 18 weeks old.
  4. Offer only redeemable after an in-store retail purchases of $100 or more.
  5. Offer NOT redeemable for cash OR to purchase a gift certificate.
  6. Wash & Dry service includes: washing, brushing, drying, nail clip, ear cleaning.
  7. Wash & Dry service excludes: face tidies, full grooming, speciality shampoo, de-matting, style clips, nail varnish and teeth cleaning.
  8. Service extras such as de-matting may incur additional costs.
  9. Wash & Dry appointment must be pre-booked at least 1 week in advance. Availability is subject to busy periods.