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Welcome to Club DOGUE


A big woof of welcome to Club DOGUE!

Our very own dog blog where me and my pals will blow you away with exciting titbits of fashion, promotions, doggy DIY and gossip on all things canine … and occasionally feline.
Come on in to play! Send in photos of yourself (especially if a DOGUE product is featured), ideas, fashion tips, and anything else that will interest the canine community to xo Gulliver "Chief Resident Fash-hound"      
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Dog Breeds for Young Families

1 December 2020

The Best Dog Breeds for Young Families Adding a new canine friend to your young family is super exciting,...

The PAWfect Staycation at Ovolo Hotels

24 August 2020

The PAWfect Staycation – as told by Otis WOOF! I think we can all agree it has been some...

What to Consider Before Getting a New Puppy or Dog

8 August 2020

Are you ready for a new dog or puppy in your family? Owning a dog can be a wonderful...

Understanding Coat Types

5 August 2020

Understand your dogs coat and the best brush to use. Hairless Hairless does not mean void of fur. These...

Puppy play time

Dr Katrina talks training tips: Puppy playtime

3 August 2020

Dr Katrina shares her tips for puppy playtime Puppy play sessions are a fun way for you to bond...

Tips for grooming at home

8 July 2020

Our tips for grooming your dog at home Regular grooming is vital for dogs of all breeds. It helps...

Tools for home grooming

8 July 2020

Our top grooming tools for home care KONG ZoomGroom – suitable for short-haired breeds The KONG ZoomGroom is the...

Behind the brand: HempPet

23 June 2020

Created by Pet Lovers. Recommended by Vets. Enjoyed by Pets. Hemp Pet was originally created to help a much-loved...

DOGUE CEO Talks to Lady Startups

20 May 2020

“Diversity can be incredible for your business in times of crisis” DOGUE CEO – Margaret Hennessy sits down with...

DOGUE Australian Made Collection

8 April 2020

DOGUE Founder Simone Kingston shares our Australian Made Leather story. DOGUE: What products were you designing when DOGUE first...

What to do with your dog in quarantine

19 March 2020

As we do our best to socially distance ourselves to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we find ourselves...

Brands We’re Crushing On

3 January 2020

Brands We’re Crushing On DOGUE is at the forefront of canine fashion and dog accessories, which is why we...

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