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Teach your dog to take a selfie

We all know that dogs take the BEST selfies, so don’t let them miss out on the selfie phenomenon. You can teach them how to join the latest craze with our helpful tips!

The High 5 techniqueHow to teach your dog to take a selfie

  • Teach your dog to high 5!
  • Get your dog to look straight into the camera. Treats just above the camera usually do the trick! Don’t get your tail in a knot if they wont look straight into the camera. Some of the best selfies have the “looking over the horizon” look.
  • Ask your dog to high 5, making sure their arm is stretched out and the paw is out of the frame.
  • Click away and you’ll have a selfie star in the making! Remember practice makes paw-fect!

The touch screen technique

  • How to teach your dog to take a selfie 2

    Put your phone inside a ziplock bag and place a smear of peanut butter over the screen. Put your phone up against a wall and let Fido touch the screen with their nose. Remember to praise each time they touch their nose to the screen.

  • After they get the hang of it, lose the peanut butter and the ziplock bag. Hold your phone and when they give it a nose tap or lick praise them with affection and treats! To make it easier for your dog to take a selfie you can download Touch Cam – a free app which turns the entire screen into a shutter button.
  • Let your pup create those paw-some selfies!

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