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Dog Resort

dog boarding | DOGUE Country Retreat

Luxury dog boarding & specialised dog care with a difference.

DOGUE Country Retreat offers beautiful and intimate accommodation, dog grooming and day care for even the most discerning of canine guests.

Suitable for dogs of small to medium stature (15 kgs or under) and a sunny disposition, the vineyard and surrounding 100 acres in the picturesque Southern Highlands is an exclusive retreat and superb alternative to dog boarding kennels.

We invite your canine to stay for a day and be pampered in the Retreat’s Spa or enjoy a longer break at the Retreat with every holiday tailored for each guest.

Check out a day in the life at DOGUE Country Retreat:

Philosophy & Values


At DOGUE Country retreat, our philosophy is to provide a happy, healthy, stress-free experience for every guest and to provide them with a luxury boarding experience that feels just like home. We believe that socialisation is vital to the happiness of dogs, whether it is human or canine companionship and because of this, we provide intimate, nurturing care and ensure every guest becomes part of the Retreat family. Pet parents can rest assured that their canine family member is in a relaxing, fun, and safe environment.

We know your canine companion will leave the Retreat holiday barking for more!

Our Team

At DOGUE Country Retreat, we only have staff – canine and human – who have met the most stringent criteria in the following key areas: guest entertainment and management, canine care, food appreciation, hygiene and genuine affection.

Coco-NUT, Guest Grrr Relations Manager



Coco-NUT, Foxy X Shih Tzu, age 10, has a great smile and loves “schmoozing” with the guests. She has had years of experience in making sure she always gets her way through delegation and clear leadership. She is pedantic in every way, and takes particular pride in the cleanliness and administration of the Retreat, right down to how the towels are folded and choosing the flowers.

Lemmy, Retreat Tour Guide and Working Diva


Lemmy is a lab x kelpie x border collie who aspires to be a legendary working diva, rounding up cows wearing the latest bling and offering fashion advice to retreat guests.  She brings spontaneity, fun and youth to the Retreat.

Retreat Canine Carers

At DOGUE Country Retreat, we understand that who takes care of your guests is just as important as the loyal pack they get to play with. With experienced and loving staff on premises around the clock, you can ensure our human carers are at your service for whatever your hound desires.

Nicky (Manager) – “I’ve had the pleasure of being the Retreat Manager since day one. I love seeing our guests so happy and relaxed when they stay with us. The most rewarding part of my job is getting to know each guest habits / personalities as they continue to return to the retreat time after time”

Emma (Groomer) – “I love making dogs look good. The retreat is such a relaxed environment where our guests feel at home. I’m lucky that I wake up looking forward to spending my day at work”

Tessa (Pooch Carer) – “I love being able to work alongside people who are passionate about animals. Every day at DOGUE is such a pleasure”

Lisa (Vet Nurse) – “I love working at the retreat. Spending my day cuddling our guests and working with a fabulous, caring team in a beautiful location is the best”