PETKIT | Fresh – Smart Antibacterial Bowl

It can weigh the food quantity, have the function of anti-bacteria as well as suggest the feeding amount to pet owners.

You will get customized daily feeding amount with PETKIT APP, as a result, the food quantity can be more accurate and healthy to your pet. The bowl is now helping to weigh the exact food amount that we suggest.


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Love is always fresh.

High EfficiencyBioCleanAct™ is a new anti-bacterial material from organic family, which is covered all over the main body. It can restrain those bacteria which cause diarrhea constantly, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach and so on . Compared to silver ion(Ag+), it’s safer and more efficient in terms of anti-bacteria.



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White, Colour Ball, Milk Cow, Mondrian, Polka Dot


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