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Bell & Bone | Freeze Dried Raw Treats

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Bell & Bone Freeze Dried Raw Treats are grain, filler and preservative free, 100% natural and made in Australia.

All flavours come in handy 100g packs, keeping the treats fresh for your pup. With only human grade ingredients used, you know your dog will only be eating the very best!


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Product Description

Chicken with Broccoli and Ginger
Inner wellbeing means feeling calm and happy. These treats contain lean protein and foods to support digestion.
Ingredients: Chicken (80%), Coconut, Sardine, Broccoli (5%), Ginger (0.5%).
Typical Analysis: Energy; 2020kJ, Crude Protein; 50.7g, Crude Fat; 23.9g, Sodium; 216mg.

Kangaroo with Spinach and Kelp
An extra boost means energy to run and play. These treats are full of iron and good energy.
Ingredients: Kangaroo (83%), Coconut, Sardine, Spinach (2%), Kelp (0.5%).
Typical Analysis: Energy; 1810kJ, Crude Protein; 66.7g, Crude Fat; 9.4g, Sodium; 158mg.

Salmon with Carrot and Kale
An outer glow means looking as good as you feel inside. These treats contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins to keep you shining.
Ingredients: Salmon (70%), Coconut, Sardine, Carrot (3%), Kale (1%).
Typical Analysis: Energy; 2080kJ, Crude Protein; 47.7g, Crude Fat; 24.3g, Sodium; 113mg.

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Freeze Dried Chicken, Broccoli & Ginger, Freeze Dried Kangaroo, Spinach & Kelp, Freeze Dried Salmon, Carrot & Kale


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