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Fit ‘n’ Flash | Assorted Dog Treats

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Every canine and feline wants to be “Fit ‘n’ Flash”!

100% Natural human quality dried dog treats made for your dog or cat. Perfect for rewarding bit by bit as they make the best dog training treats.

Available in 10 delicious flavours: Lamb Bites, Kangaroo Fillets, Kangaroo Chews, Beef Steak Fillets, Beef Chews, Chicken-Chia Seeds & Honey, Chicken-Vegetables & Honey, Fish Fillets, Liver Thins, & Chicken Fillets.

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Made in Australia


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Product Description

Liver Thins

Ingredients: 100% lamb liver
Fat content: 14%
Pack Size: 100g

Beef Chews

Ingredients: 100% beef
Fat content: 14%
Pack Size: 60g

Beef Steak Fillets

Ingredients: 100% beef steak fillets
Fat content: 1%
Pack Size: 60g

Lamb Bites

Ingredients: 100% lamb
Fat content: 14%
Pack Size: 50g

Kangaroo Chews

Ingredients: 100% kangaroo
Fat content: 1%
Pack Size: 60g & 120g

Kangaroo Fillets

Ingredients: 100% kangaroo
Fat content: 1%
Pack Size: 60g & 120g

Fish Fillets

Ingredients: 100% fish fillets
Fat content: 4%
Pack Size: 50g & 100g

Chicken Fillets

Ingredients: 100% chicken fillets
Fat content: 2-3%
Pack Size: 50g, 100g & 200g

Free Range Chicken-Chia Seeds & Honey

Pack Size: 100g

Free Range Chicken-Vegetables & Honey

Pack Size: 100g

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Beef Chews, Beef Steak Fillets, Kangaroo Chews, Lamb Bites, Chicken Fillets, Chicken, Chia Seeds & Honey, Chicken, Vegetables & Honey, Fish Fillets, Kangaroo Fillets, Liver Thins


120g, 100g, 50g, 60g, 200g


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