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Elite Dog Care in the Eastern Suburbs

A fabulous pet boutique and luxurious dog grooming salon in the heart of Sydney’s fashionable Eastern Suburbs. Close to Centennial Park and surrounded by cafés, DOGUE Bondi is a wonderful playground for us elite pooches. Come in and meet the team, we will take the very best care of you and your human at DOGUE Bondi!

Servicing the locations of  Bondi, Centennial Park, Edgecliff, Paddington, and Woollahra.

Our Services

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DOGUE Bondi Puppy School






Sign up to our Puppy School at DOGUE Bondi.

With over 17 years joint experience in dog training and behaviour consultation, Maddy and Rika will get your pup off to the best possible start to life.

Our 4-week course focuses on basic training, vital socialisation, behaviour management, diets and grooming tips.

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Staff Spotlight – Rika Matsuda

Congratulations to Rika Matsuda on 10 wonderful years at DOGUE!

Over the last decade, she has been training and grooming dogs at DOGUE Bondi. She has exceptional knowledge and depth of care for all her clients, whether it be training, styling, or overall health. Her training style focuses on verbal and non-verbal commands and range from puppy to adult. We’re so proud of all her efforts and look forward to another ten years!



Our Team

The exceptional team at DOGUE Bondi have you covered with excellent service to suit any canine desire.

Emily, the Manager of DOGUE Bondi, has an extraordinary passion for dogs and understands our customers’ needs. She loves bringing joy to canines and our customers on all things dog, as do our Boutique Team: Jessie & Sarah.

Your DOGUE Bondi Animal Attendants & Canine Stylists include Rika Matsuda who has been with us for ten years! She is exceptionally gentle with all our clients. With Rika’s team are Ayako, Mary, Ryo, and Akane – all excelling at specific breed clips, gentle handling, and giving each client an individual flair.

Coordinating our Pamper & Play Time services is our daycare supervisor Sophie, supported by our assistant groomer Issy. Our play time clients have a great time with walks, cuddles, daily checks and brushing, and of course, more cuddles!