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We know why you’re here… you LOVE dogs! We do too, which is why DOGUE is bringing a life-changing opportunity to dog lovers around the country. You can own your own DOGUE!

Imagine running a business where you are always amongst your Best Friends; where you can exercise your passion and dedication to improving the well-being of the canine community.  Well DOGUE is the definitive dog haven, and one of the most innovative pet service and retail providers in the country. Welcome to DOGUE Boutique & Spa – a business opportunity for people obsessed with dogs!

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Join a network of like-minded (and dog-crazy) professionals that want to empower pets and their owners to be their very best for one another.

At DOGUE, we don’t just love dogs, WE LOVE DOGS! DOGUE is deeply invested in improving the lives of pets and bringing out their very best. DOGUE is so much more than a grooming salon or pet retailer. With a cutting-edge boutique and spa model that provides best-of-breed products, personalised grooming and play time services, DOGUE is the ultimate destination for dog care, fashion, education, and fun!

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DOGUE makes paw-fect franchise partnerships

DOGUE opened its first pet store franchise in 2014, and today the network is 10 stores strong and growing.  As a DOGUE Franchise owner, you will be supported by the DOGUE Houndquarters (HQ) team that delivers a proven set-up and launch model, engaging marketing programmes, operations support, state-of-the-art systems, and training.

It’s your very own DOGUE business supported by our deep commitment to your journey to success and fulfilment.

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Investment required

There is an initial franchise fee of $40,000 plus GST for the opening of your DOGUE Boutique & Spa. The initial set-up costs will vary depending on the size and location of the site – the average set-up cost is $150,000 plus GST. This includes the initial franchise fees, training, stock, lease deposit, launch, fit-out, and everything else required for a DOGUE Boutique.

11 Paw-steps to Own your Own DOGUE

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Pet franchise steps to own your own DOGUE

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